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Piggy Songs !


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Does anyone know of any songs about pigs????


I know This little piggy went to market and I have the song book (can't remember the name......it's on the tip of my tongue! ...........) where there's a bit that goes......"running down the road, running down the road, running, running, always running, running down the road......" There is also Old McDonald had a farm.............. any more please???


Sue J

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From the Puffin Book, this Little Puffin....


Little piggy-wig on the farm close by,

All by himself ran away from the sty.

the dog said Woof

the cow said Moo

the sheep said Baa,

the dove said coo,

Little piggy-wig began to cry

And as fast as he could he ran back to the sty

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Guest Mrs Tiggy Winkle

If you know the old sunday school one - The foolish man built his house upon the sand....

I changed it to

'The first pig buit his house out of straw (x3)

And along came the big bad wolf...

He huffed and he puffed and he huffed and he puffed (x3)

And the house made of straw fell flat


2nd pig -sticks


3rd pig bricks....

and the house made of bricks stayed firm (or firm or strong)

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