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Maximum Numbers In A Room


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Does anyone know if there is a maximum number of children per room/group? I know there used to be a limit but am not sure whether it still exists.

I have two rooms - one for 26 x 3-5yrs and another for 8 x 2 yrs. I am thinking of opening these rooms up and making it into one big one. My registration is for 34 children from 2 - 8 yrs so would it be possible to have them mixed together in one room ( obviously the ratios would still be the same)?

Any advice or knowledge, I would be greatful thanks.

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I'm sure that it is included in the Statutory Framework booklet - now where did I put my copy :o


I have found my copy and had a look through it for you - can't find any info.


Just realised that I read your post 'wrongly' - I thought you were asking for the 'measurements' - sorry!

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As long as you are using the full amount of space as the measurement is square metres per child ( Opps mixed metric and imperial there! ) then I don't see why you shouldn't mix them up . I have 40 2-5 year olds in two large rooms and as long as the staff child ratios are upheld then where's the problem ? As your registration covers 34 2-8 yr olds then don't see that Ofsted can object :o

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there is a space requirement in the framework pg 35


"In registered provision, providers must meet the following space requirements:

■■ children under two years: 3.5 m2 per child;

■■ two year olds: 2.5 m2 per child;

■■ children aged three to five years: 2.3 m2 per child."

so you would need to measure up your rooms - the space need sto be the usable playspace so toilets, cloakrooms, entrances don't count.

good luck I hope it works out to be enough space.

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all you are doing is mixing the children and opening up the space .


Ofsted have registered both rooms for the children to use, so are happy they are suitable with enough space requirements , removing or opening a door will not affect this.. so long as staffing ratios remain the same there should be no problem.

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but there are some provisions with one hall registered for 40 children that I know of.. not seen the maximum in one room for ages.. could be if the room was only big enough for that number then there would be a maximum... but by opening up both together would still have the same space, just mixed age groups.. which many have.

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