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Does anyone have any ideas for National Story Telling week please?


Don't really want to go down the traditional story tales unless the children the children express an interest in them.


I'm just after some general story ideas.


So far got:




Write/Draw own stories - link in with PD




Dress up as fav character




Children to bring in their Fav story



And now i'm stuck lol. I have loads of ideas for traditional if that is the root it takes but I have a feeling it won't.


Any ideas would be appreicated please

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The emphasis for storytelling is on the telling rather than using books. So few people actually tell children stories, but read to them showing pictures from the book. It can be quite interesting when children react to having a story told to them without a book so I might actually start by doing that. An ancient art lost in many ways as we use other media to pass on our culture. I use a story bag with props that pop out or the children fish inside it and pull out something to start the story off. Planning for 'telling' ticks lots of boxes for speaking and listening :o

To support the children in telling I think props really help. Perhaps you could set up a story den, put items and characters from a familiar story inside and encourage them to 'act out' the story they know to each other. Using puppets might be another way to go.

You could collect items from a familiar story and put them in a basket and ask the children if they know which story they are from. Then get the children to retell the story to each other picking out the items as they are needed. With Reception children I would try a story around a circle where each child adds a bit to whatever the last child said. That will probably take a bit of practice but it could be fun.


Not that I would encourage box ticking just using poetic licence!

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along the story telling route.. we had a really wonderful time where the children made shadow puppets on sticks..


they came in all shapes and sizes.. we then made a story up using these with the children's help.. they really became very engrossed in it and spent days after telling their own stories using them..


all the puppets were made by the children and most looked like blobs on sticks ( sorry for the description) but the children were able to say exactly what they represented and we were surprised at how well it worked.


we used a white sheet with a light behind it for a screen and used the puppets behind the sheet in front of the light.

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It runs from 29th January until 5th February. You can find out more here from The Society for Storytelling.


I'm about to start a project based on Sarah Argent's Suitcase of Stories (more information about that here) and started last week by inviting children to take an object out of a small story telling bag for me to incorporate into the story. Although the story was mine, I asked them to tell me about their object - so if they took out a finger puppet of a duck I asked what the duck's name was. I'm hopin that by doin this a few times children will get used to the idea that we don't need a book to tell a story, and that interesting stories can be told about quite ordinary objects.


The next step is to get them to tell me a story about one object from my suitcase.


Thanks for pointing out National Story Telling Week, SazzJ. It had passed me by, but now it gives me some incentive to get some more objects for my suitcase and actually get going!

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