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I am looking for a fun game i can make to help my class with money - simple money 2p 1p 5p 10p as they are reception and i have i found them to have limited knowledge, any ideas aside of the usual lotto game? x

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I've played a game as a parent helper with reception children. Unless the children are quite able, this really needed to be adult lead. The activity was left set up and well used for free play all week.


Set up a shop with toys or food items for sale. Supply 2 little baskets and 2 purses with enough coin.

Make price labels in groups according to ability - 1p only, 1-2p, 1, 2, 5 and 10p.

Groups of 3 - 1 shopkeeper and 2 customers.

Take turns being shopkeeper and customers choose 2 or 3 items to buy.

Shopkeeper adds the total and customers check the price.

Change can be given if appropriate or the correct money can be asked for.



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