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Hi All,


Hoping to pick your brains! Our children have loved the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson - one of my favourites too. Keep asking for it at the moment and love joining in with all the refrains. They even wanted to sing it on Friday! So thought we might do some activities around the theme.


Today we put a range of materials out in creative area to make a Stick Man such as twigs, brown pipe cleaners and goggly eyes, and also a card one with moveable arms and legs using split pins as an alternative idea. Children enjoyed this and they look great - all very different but very effective with some children using the book to add more detail such as leaves for a hat.

Independently some children made him using playdough.


Tomorrow we are going to set up a small world scene so that the story can be acted out with their own Stick Man. During which will possibly encourage children's own ideas for how Stick Man might get into trouble next. What else could have happened to him on his adventure.


Wondering if anyone else has any ideas on this.

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Do you mean general 'Stick man' ideas? I had a stick man morning just before Christmas when some of mine made a stick man house.


We also cut out leaf shapes from previously painted orangey/reddy/yellowy paper to collage a quilt just like the one on the bed at the end (the paper was left over from painting bonfires).


Some made their own stick men (out of anything - sticks, whatever construction kit was out). I've a feeling that some also wrote messages from stick man to his family and vice versa.


Sorry, I can't remember in detail - it was one of those 'not really thought about, do it on the spur of the moment' mornings just because they were so engrossed by the story.

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Someone using him as a flag on a sandcastle, throwing him into the sea for a dog to chase? How about a girl guide using him to hold her billy can over the fire to make a cup of tea?

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Today I saw a lovely display in a classroom, where the children glued real sticks on paper to make a stick man. They had to follow the instructions and use 1 stick for the head, 3 sticks for the body, 2 sticks for the legs and 2 sticks for the arms and finally they had to get 1 small stick for the nose. They glued on some sticky eyes and it looked brilliant! The children could also have made a really big art stick man in the outside classroom (Challenge), using logs, twigs, leaves and stones for the eyes, with a bit of teamwork and cooperation!

Also you could ... play hide and seek (children hide the stick man then others look for it), paint with mud and sticks, explore and build dens using sticks, twigs and logs. Challenge the children to make numerals using sticks (might need to see how LCD on calculator does it first!), weave using sticks to make a frame and wool to make a stick style ('gods eye) coaster.

Find out about or get a stick insect in to the classroom - looks very much like a stick man!

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