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I know this is a bit early but I thought I might get everyone thinking about the Royal wedding next year! I run the nursery class in a school and as a Foundation stage we thought we would have the 4 days running up to the wedding themed around it. Does anyone have any ideas yet? Not really sure what we are going to do as yet but I wanted to try and involve the parents too if possible. I'd be grateful if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thank you!!!

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You might want to bear in mind that Easter Monday falls at the start of that week, so the week will only be 3 days.


That is assuming of course that you mean THAT royal wedding and not the other one that has just been announced...

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nice idea! a friend of mine (who works in a nusery) had a child who's mum was getting married and as an activty she got some old wedding magazines and together printed pictures from the internet choosing her make believe wedding dress, flowers, ect ect.

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Hi Cait

In my previous setting (Pre School) we often celebrated weddings by planning and preparing for one and then acting it out. Usually happened once a year and was always a big hit with children and staff. Prior to the event we had wedding albums of staff to look through and wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses etc, magazines

we encouraged parents to join in too bringing in their photos.

We used mark making for the children to make invitations to each other and name places for the reception

junk modelling involved making a 3 tier wedding cake

Craft area was all about freelance making of bridal flowers and buttonholes

We sorted out (PSRN) suitable role play clothes for the big day

We asked for hats!

We were at a distinct advantage - my setting was in a church hall, so we asked the minister about using the church as a facility - what a star he was!!! We used the church for the event, the minister was an old car enthusiast so provided us with a wedding car (for bride and groom photo purposes)

He offered his services as the minister and presided over the wedding even to signing the register

He set the electric organ on a pre play wedding march

We sang nursery rhymes as part of the service

Prior to this we set up the room with tables in a horseshoe layout - covered in cheap white paper, our meal was hot dogs and jelly! (Children had made the jelly the previous day)

The best man gave 'a speech' (CLL)of how he liked his friend (PSE) the groom.

The children appointed a (child) photographer between themselves and printed off the photos on the computer and made a large group wedding album.

We made a slide show presentation for the parents to view at the end of the morning.

Everybody loved it!

We did loads more and it covered all the 6 areas of learning in many many ways.

I do miss my old job!

Hope this helps


There was so much more if you need any help.

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How about different weddings around the world - look at costume and different traditions/cultures


I thought this would be a good thing to enhance children's learning whilst thinking about the Royal Wedding. Anyone found any good websites showing child friendly weddings around the world?


Interestingly, on one site I looked at I read the in France it is traditional for the groom to walk his mother down the aisle just before taking his place at the alter to await his bridge - ahhh... will certainly suggest that to my sons.....sounds like a lovely idea.....not sure they'd think so....not that they are contemplating it yet at 20 and 22 years of age!

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