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that is how i present mine, works for us. parents do get copies though of all relevent policies at the induction day


Do you mind me asking what policies/evidence you have under Enjoying and Achieving?

we have the room layout - always been there don't know why as we are pack away things move around all the time, so is irrelevant.

We have put the cards from the EYFS pack there as good a place as any when reviewing policies!

Daily timetable


What else should be there?

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gosh cant remember without looking and it is at my setting and we are snowed in at min.


We too are pack away, i have a room layout but we dont change it round often unless something isnt working then we look at lots of things eg well being and invovlement before we move or not.



my cards are with the EYFS pack that stays at the setting - we each have our own at home

my plan is in my operational file along with daily timetable and rotas


i will try to remember to get back to you when i am back next week

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Hi thumperrabbit


During the Easter holidays i am sorting out the policies. At the moment i have them in alphabetical order in a large folder. I like the thought of putting them under the headings - being healthy - staying safe, etc. What policies do you put under what headings?


I also have a Sun Protection policy but it isn't very comprehensive. It says about ensuring children are not overexposed to the sun, wearing hats, parents putting sun lotions on etc. but really needs some more added to it. Any thoughts please?


Sue J

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We did as Cait suggested and incorporated our sun protection policy in outdoor play, but this was after we knew it was embedded practice. The PLA policies have been grouped under headings as you are suggesting and their policy handbook is quite useful for ensuring the policies are up to date, so long as you make sure you read them very carefully and tailor them to the setting. It was a bit of a mammoth task doing it and I almost gave it up due to the brain scrambling-ness of trying to match our old policies to the new ones, but then the Ofsted inspector commented that she liked the way we had linked our action plans to the EYFS and ECM and so I carried on in order that the policies would be similarly matched. I also made them beautifully colour coded just so they looked more eye catching and appealing in the hopes someone might also read them - I can live in hope!

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