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I would think that as long as anyone who applies on the closing date would still be given the same chance as the others to have an interview arranged.


Closing date is a time to ensure all are given an equal opportunity of being selected to the interview stage. if you do set some now it would be important to have this in mind and ensure any applications which come by closing date are given the same opportunity that those already selected have..



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If you have selection criteria (which you should have) then you should really wait, and select from all the applications, having first decided how many you wish to interview.


If you start agreeing interviews now, and then you get a rush of applicants that would better meet the selection criteria, then maybe those you have agreed to interview would not have met the short list, and then you put yourself in the position of having to interview everyone. You may do this anyway, jobs around by us rarely attract more than 3-5 applicants. Its really important that you don't put yourself into an position of being challenged on the ground that an early applicant has a better chance of being short listed.


Perhaps you can take advice from your LA on this, or ACAS?

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Thanks for the replies!

I have had 5 applicant so far (so not great!) and too be honest not expecting many (if any) more as job has been advertised for two weeks aready!

There are only a couple that meet the criteria so had just thought I could get in touch and arrange interview for after closing date but maybe I should be patient and wait! Just keep looking at the calender and thinking how close Christmas is!!



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