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I've got to do a class assembly after Christmas. Our theme for that term is Colour. Has anybody got any ideas or done a similar assembly? What went well.


I'm thinking on the lines of the story 'Anna's Amazing Multicoloured glasses' - making our own based on our favourite colours.


Thanks in advance. Just trying to be organised!!

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If you were to sing a song maybe 'I can sing a rainbow' (I love that one!) :o


What about Elmer? There's another one by David McKee Tusk Tusk that I used with older children once to explore issues surrounding prejudice and tolerance...however maybe not for an assembly?

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We've done a couple of Colour themed assemblies and have used 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?' or 'The Mixed Up Chameleon' as stimuli for paintings, story telling, colour mixing etc. We've sung 'I can sing a Rainbow' using BSL that we looked for on Youtube I think and the children loved learning it that way. Another song we did was to the tune of Incy Wincy Spider and goes:


Orange is a carrot, Yellow is a pear,

Green is the grass and Brown is a Bear,

Purple is a plum, Blue is the sky,

Black is a cat and Red is cherry pie.


Very twee but a reall winner on the 'cute' scale!


Good luck with your assembly whatever you decide to do!

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