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New - Setting Up Extended Services


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Hi, I am new here but wonder whether anybody could offer any advise. Our playgroup is shortly moving to a much larger purpose built building on primary school grounds. We are making many changes including doubling the number of children we can take. We are also starting to run Breakfast/After School and eventually Holiday Clubs for the school. A lot happening all at once and all being organised by a very small voluntary team!! I thought I would introduce myself and ask whether anybody has got any advise they can offer - I have found the local Play Association useful. Look forward to hearing from you. x

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Hi Roller coaster,

Is there anything specific you want to ask?Set up this kind of service with the exception that it was a completely new service no existing pre -school.so we set up breakfast club ,preschool a.m. and p.m. after school club then at a later date holiday club.

Still going strong 4 years later!If i can be of any help ask away.

Good luck.I would say on reflection it is very rewarding if exhausting(at times)experience.


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