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New Head Watching Me! Help


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Hi all,


Asking for help please!!!!!!!!!


I have a new head who is spot on and would love ideas. My mind seems to have gone blank.


Next week Im doing the post office with nursery - need some good CLLD activities without just letter writing.


Please help! x :o

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What about weighing different parcels [PSRN ], discussion for CLLD could be whats in the parcels, or circle time with a pass the parcel, children to unwrap a layer each saying what they think maybe in it.

Could you link this to Write a letter to Santa and wishes.

What about linking this to the sorting office with lots of objects to sort to be delivered, naming words and objects,

The Jolly Postman story.

I'll keep thinking there must be lots more.


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Hi lenaberry, take a look at this, its got really good reviews but I havent tried it myself.

Royal mail for primary school

This is the link the first page gives but it wouldnt work from that page.

teachers post


What about the Katie Morag story, doesnt she deliver post all over the island? Invite some well knwn story characters for lunch, write a menu, seating plan, thank you letters.

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I can recommend the teacher's packs from Royal Mail but they might not arrive in time as they take a couple of weeks I think. We have made our own stamps before using sticky back labels of small sizes and a selection of different images. Just pop them in the printer and print off a sheet at a time. Avery do a template for all the standard label sizes which is free to use.

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