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Christmas Performance!

Guest Biker

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Sorry to mention the C word this early!Just wondered if anyone had experience of putting on a concert With their After school club.

We are considering doing something this year perhaps along the lines of a variety performance with children performing in their own individual ways!

Please share any experiences!



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Sounds a bit like something we've done with our Brownies - its amazing how much talent there is that you might not be aware of! We found they needed lots of time to rehearse though, so if you're going to do it then build in at least twice as much time as you think you'll need! :o


Good luck!



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:oHi all,

Just wanted to share how fantastic this turned out to be!

We went ahead with our variety performance.The children took on the idea and most definetly made it their own.They wrote their own acts,rehearsed organised costumes and wrote the programme!

I confess at dress rehearsal this week i wondered what on earth we were thinking of!

On the night the children were wonderful,very excited!

They performed acts from singing,comedy,dancing,magic and more!As a team we were so proud of them.What talent and what confidence too!The turn out from parent/carers was great too!

All in all a brilliant night for all!


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