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Hi all I'm new on here (just signed up)

I've been running an out of school setting for a number of years and although we did complete an SEF for our last inspection (2008) I wasn't really happy with it as although it took ages to complete it appeared to be a bit of a 'rush job' I did a search for 'exemplar sef' as suggested in another post but it didn't seem to throw up the examples I thought it would, perhaps I did it wrong! . Any help or advice in that direction would appreciated. Also any examples of how other people run their clubs would be useful

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Welcome to the forum :o


I tried searching exemplar sef and it didn't bring anything up for me either :( However, I tried 'self evaluation' and I got this lot . Not all are relevant but there are a few SEF ones.


Sometimes you just need to change the wording in the search :(


And for future reference when using the forum, you didn't get it wrong, you just didn't get it right....practice makes perfect xD

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Hi and welcome!

I am on the committee of out of school club so will be coming to ask you things!!??


Thats no problem at all, although I'm not sure how much help I'll be. When we started (1997) we were, more or less, making it up as we went along, there was so little help out there, having said that we're still going strong so we must be doing something right!. Nowadays there is more help around but sooooo much red tape I tie myself up in knots. This Sef being a prime example. I do feel very strongly that both childminders and Out of school provision should be made exempt from EYFS , everyone knows children learn through play why does it have to be formalised? They spend their entire little lives being in a structured environment where they are constantly assessed/observed, for heavens sake let them have some 'free time' to play and be children for a little while, surely that is a childs basic right? And ok if they learn along the way so much the better but give them a break.When we got home from school or were on school holidays we'd go play, see our friends and HAVE FUN!!! I can't see the harm in that.


Ooops sorry got on my soapbox there for a little while, but it makes me so cross, why do people have to meddle with everything?

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