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Hi all,


We've had a few parents speak to us to say that their children (who started in September) don't know the names of the other children.


While we do register, hello song (naming each child) to familiarise our names, and I've mentioned to parents that while child might be able to answer "where's Jane, where's John", it's harder for them to remember "what's this child's name", "who did you play with today", etc.


Well I'll stop rambling now and ask my question....


I was thinking how nice it would be to compile a photo album with each child's photograph (and perhaps parents) which could be lent to new children so they could look at it with their parents and learn their names together.


Now I'm wondering whether

a) I would need to have written permission from parents to do this or

:o I could put in our newsletter that this is going to happen and please let me know if you don't want to be included


What do you think? I sometimes think we have to get so many authorisations it is ridiculous! but them I would want to know what happens to photos etc. if it was my child.


Any views would be greatly appreciated. xD:(:(

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My parents agree to a class photo which we take. I have them processed in Boots enlarged to 8x6 and put everyone's name on. Very simple to arrange and administrate. Sometimes we take two or three separate group photos because not all children are in on every day.

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still early , not unusual for children to not know names yet..


I would be wary about sending home.. could parents look on it like homework.ie. learn the names, and you cannot police what they do with the pictures.


we had a display on the entrance with pictures of groups of children at play... used for names and also found children chatted with parents on what they were doing in the picture.. staff were on there also... later we added the learning going on etc..


we also had a photo album in the book corner with children pictures in it which staff used for names etc... it became well used, and over the years we found children looking and saying 'look that's my sister' etc when they found them in the older pictures..



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Hi there

we have a self-registration process as the children come arrive in the morning. On their mat area there are laminated photos of each child (with velcro on the back). They have to find their own photo and put it onto a low wall within their group. As time passes we add their name so they come in and match their photo to their name. Doing this everyday allows the children to get into a routine and begin to identify others in their group. As Inge says it is quite early for them to be remembering the names of people in their group. We found the photos really helpful and use them for circle time activities. We usually have a couple of games a week where we learn about those in their group; such as rolling a ball to a 'friend' and we say their name; picking out a self-registration photo from a bag and matching it to the child- and saying their name, blowing bubbles and calling out a child to pop them etc.

The children also have their family keyring cards. We take a photo of the child and carer/family members at induction and these are laminated and put onto a keyring, along with a photo of their keyworker and any other photos that they have brought from home (we ask or print them wallet size). These are then used to get to know one another and also acts as a comforter and ice breaker.

Hope this helps

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I take every childs photo add their name and make a laminated mat for each child to take home and we also put a few copies in the setting(homecorner, book corner, quiet den)

I put the names into keyperson groups with adults picture and name.

In the spring term I take childrens photos playing together and make another mat.This gives parents a chance to see all the activities/resources as well.

I have been doing these mats for years and still see or talk to old pupils on facebook and often talk about the mats.

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Hi everyone,

With regards to children's photographs - we put photos up of each child by their peg. That way the children can find their own peg. This is also a way of helping parents learn the names of the other children.

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Hi guys,


Thanks for all your replies, there are some nice ideas there, I actually think the children DO know or at least are learning the names of the other children and I wanted to focus on their discussions with their parents at home.


Will look into copying some of your suggestions if you don't mind!


x x x

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