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Pre-school Equipment Giveaway

Guest eck1975

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Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone has heard of, or registered for, the 'Fun & Fitness Pre-school Sports Equipment Giveaway' ?


I had an email forwarded to me and it just sounds a bit too good to be true!? ... suspicious mind!


This is the link that was sent to me: http://www.havenfunfitness.com/


Apparently you just have to register your Pre-school or early years/Nursery setting and then get parents to register, logon and confirm their support. It does say somewhere that parents have the option of receiving information from Haven holidays, and it also talks about 'reaching your support target' - but I can't see where it says what the target is. Am wondering if they want a parent of each child to register, and whether they are asking for more/marketing information from the parents?


Would be great to hear if anyone has actually registered and received the equipment! (Or ... if anyone has found it to be a bit dodgey)


Many thanks, x

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I've registered too. As a parent as well I also registered my support with pre-school and it does give you the option to opt out of receiving info from Haven. I was sent an email to pre-school email address to inform me who had logged on. In the administrators section you can see the percentage. This is based on how many children you said you had. If you get 70% support you get the equipment and 100% the extra gift! Wish I'd said we had less children :o

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Thanks Laura!


We actually only have 13 in our Nursery (and 28) in Reception, but I think only Nursery are eligible!? I was wondering whether to say we had more, because the equipment is split into large, medium and small packs ... but at the end of the day a small pack is better than nothing!


I will give it try!



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I'm registered, and did it last year too! It is absolutely fantastic and we got a big bag of sports equipment which was excellent.


If you say you've got more children, then you need more people to sign up to even qualify (70%) for any stuff and 100% to get a bonus - SO BEWARE......


Well worth it.


Anyone want to pm me your setting name and I'll support you! (and you can support me!)





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