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Happy Sunday!! Hope your all having a great day!


Just wondering what bank accounts you all use if your a charity? We use Lloyds and this month we have been informed that we are now getting charged for nearly everthing! paying money in, taking money out, paying staff, standing orders, Couldnt believe it when we had been charged nearly £40 :o !


Have been looking into changin to the co-op bank as they have accounts for charities, does anyone else bank with these?


Thanks in advance



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We have a community business account with Barclays. We dont get charged for anything, might be worth a visit? £40 is an awful lot to have to pay out especially over a year!

The down side of Barclays is having to speak to the business manager about some things instead of being able to do it in branch. We've been with them for as long as I've been involved with playgroup, about 15 years.

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Ours too was a Barclays community account.. but we constantly had the run around from them. It may be the local branch, but no one seemed to have any idea about how to change the signatories on the account, and it took us ages to get it done each time.. one person would say one thing, another would be totally different, we had the forms and did it every year but the bank never knew what to do..


they still cashed cheques even with the wrong signatures on them! We had done the paperwork etc, gone to bank and got all done so we thought, then 3 months later they wrote telling us as we had not been in xxx was not suitable... and they had been signing cheques for 3 months which had been cleared no issues...


and one year they wrote to tell us they would be charging for all cheques etc... they backed down after a few irate calls, letters and visits from our treasurer..


it may just be our branch but they have awful customer service.. not good when you have issues getting someone to do the job in the first place..



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We use HSBC and don't have to pay charges. Our local branch closed recently and we looked into changing banks but none of them could give us the same services we currently have so we stayed put. We now make more use of online services and the post and the committee take turns to go to another branch for paying in. Always a nightmare changing signatories each year but otherwise no problems.



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