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Hiya ladies, ive been soo busy with the usual stuff and my new mindee that I havent even been on to boast of how well it was going. Anyway after having a lovely restful holiday last week have returned to a call out of the blue yesterday from my mindees mum (sobbing) as she wasnt sure whether she would be needing me as she was moving back to her mums ( central Liverpool and no where near me) due to a break up with here partner. I was so shocked and upset for her and the lo. Said she didnt now what was happening or where she will be and was taking a few days out to sort things out.


Rang her a few hours later to check out the detail. upshot is I dont think I will be seeing her lo again. partner is meant to be giving me my monies ( they owe me two weeks) and I just know Im not going to see any notice fee.


I feel really quiet sad; real life and part of the job I know - but makes you realise how lucky we all are.. apparantly he went into one on Friday gone just cos the mum asked him to look after lo for few minutes. He packed his bag and said that was it !!! cant believe it . The mum said he has done it before and that it was due to money worries.


Either way I have two FT vacancies to fill.


I know I should be pleased as the phone has been ringing off the wall with enquiries but I feel rather bereft( ?)


just wanted to share it with you as my hubby was/is as clinical as ever..... :o

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Oh no!! (I take my eye off you for a few weeks.... :o only kidding!)


Waveawand, that's the hardest part of childminding - we get so involved with the whole family that their ups and downs affect us too xD illness, redundancies and relationship breakdowns have a direct and devastating impact on us, our service and sadly, our finances, too!


You may well lose the 2 weeks outstanding fees in addition to the notice period - please try to get your fees in advance in future to guard against this happening again. Hopefully, one of your many enquiries will benefit from this sad situation and want to start straight away - I'll keep my fingers crossed!


Nona x

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Guest jane707

It is so hard when you lose children suddenly and don't have the chance to say goodbye.


If you are owed £100 or more and insured by Morton Michel you need to ring them for advice. They will put you in touch with another office who will want to see contracts, invoices, letters asking for money to be paid etc. They will then help you.


If you are owed more than £150 and with NCMA they might be able to help you as well.


Good luck with it all xx

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Hiya again- What a week !! mananged to chat to both parents and had an unexpexted day with my "ex" mindee on Wednesday. Result being that Ive still got him !!! and although the parents arent exactly all over each other they are at least being civil and putting lo interests first ie leaving him where he is settled(with me) and soooo happy to be ( it was a real treat seeing him again and how exicited he was to be here). Long chats with the mum and two goes ( from her) to try and speak/sort out stuff with the dad. Did get my monies too. Result being that she (the mum) isnt trying to relocate and put a roof over her head (I told her that she should stay put with lo).

So I was feeling okay again and then came home to a note telling me that my before and after schoolie (now aged 9yrs) was being moved to bl**dy schools out!! No discussion no nothing and Ive looked after her since she started school !! What is the matter with people ( the mum is fairly young and single and Ive always tried to bend over /waiver fees even cos she has had a tough time) that they dont think they need to speak to you even on the phone !!! Scrap of paper, really badly written and not even in an envelope !!!

Felt so cross and then depressed today. Now I know that its their ignorance and their obvious membership of the" Im alright Jack Club" -we dont need you now so your not worth a second thought crew"(cos I spoke to the grandma too and she didnt expand on the decision either - there was this uncomfortable silence when I said OH and she said" bye then"!!! )


Anyway the Sun Shone Today and the kids/mindee had a lovely time. Me Im with glass of vino and glad its a bank holiday weekend. Got another single mum with two lo coming tomorrow and I know I will need an assistant to cope with it all so things are on the up.

Thank you all for your comments and taking time to read and post me. It means alot.


big hugs and I promise I come back with more positives !!!


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well some exciting news there! I had a badly written text message from a Mum who was bringing her daughter in on afternoons after nursery in the mornings to say she's decided to do after school club instead. That's it - no thankyou for the last 2 years, no nothing. Do you think they are just too embarrassed to contact us properly?

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Hiya Cait, most definitely, but also I reckon its a reflection of what they have been shown by their own parents, after all it is just common courtesy or maybe not so common !!! Single mum that came today was really pleased and wants me to mind her two lo's. Now waiting on whether my friend wants to co work with me (cant be hassled with the employee route) hoping she says yes. If not Im not sure they will give me the variation even though it would be a sibling taking me over my numbers .....( or if I would want four lo's under three !!! xD ) still nice to be liked/wanted isnt it !?


Ill update soon :o

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