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I have been thinking about setting up a trolley with lots of numeracy type resources on it to try and get the children interested in this area of learning. For years we have had a maths table/area but the children are just not that interested in going there! Even when we put new resources out like scales and stones/soil etc it it only seems to have limited appeal Anyway, I'm going to set up a trolley which will hopefully be bursting with lots of exciting resources that will support children in this area of learning during child initiated play. The trolley can then be rolled outside as well. The trouble is I'm finiding it difficult to think of PSRN resources that will get the children buzzing...! If you can offer ideas I would be very grateful, particualrly looking at 'real adult tools' like calculators and tape measures etc.


My list so far includes the regular stuff....


Lot of counters / objects to sort




Paper/pens etc



Tape measures


Thanks in advance



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We have something similar. We also have a range of small trinket boxes available from card shops the sparkly the better. We often put numerals or counters in the boxes. Children love to carry them to other parts of the classroom then use what's inside using mathematical language. They can also stack one box inside another giving an understanding of size.


Hope this helps


Lisa :o

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don't know if they still sell them, but Ikea used to sell a set of 12 nesting boxes for a couple of pounds? We stuck numbers 1-10 on one set and put the appropriate number of items in them......................and sometimes, the biggest box held only one thing and the smallest 10 ( we only used ten of the boxes!).......... one set was left empty, so the children could fill them themselves

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That sounds like a fantastic idea. My kids rarely want to access the PSRN area either so being able to move the trolley around and take it outside etc would be great.

Where is your trolley from?


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Snap....I have just bought a trolley for this very purpose. Mine was £12 from Wilkinsons, plastic drawers unit, 4 drawers and wheels on too. Bargain.

I've got a couple of similar trolleys over the last year or so with poor results. I find that the drawers come off their runners and are generally too flimsy. Mind you, being a packaway means our trolleys and so on take a real bashing everyday.


I'll be interested to see how yours works out Rufus!



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I tend to think that just like CLL and PSE are not generally set up in an 'area', PSRN shouldn't just be an 'area' or 'table'. Rather think about what resources you can add to other things that would support PSRN learning. So for example, containers of different sizes in the sand, materials, boxes and clips for den making, cake tins in the playdough, tickets,notebooks, diaries in the shop/role playetc etc.


Like Narnia, I like the IKEA stacking boxes, loads of uses.


If your'e stuck for ideas, I would recommend, Thinking mathematically

Its a really good read.

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