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I am sure i found a lovely parents information pack on here for pre-schools/playgroups and now I can't find it. I have tried a search and can't find it anywhere :o


Anyone know if i am just imagining things?


I did save it but it seems to have disappeared off my laptop too xD


We currently don't have one but I feel we do need one and this one had a fab layout etc to it

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I've got Information on the EYFS for parents, all the rest of my setting info is in the prospectus - which, you've just reminded me, needs updating - something else for the 'to do' list!

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I have a prospectus which I give to prospective parents and/or when we offer a place. Then I also have a 'Information' pack which is given to parents on their first day. I found that a lot of the stuff that was in the prospectus wasn't relevant to prospective parents and also if it was given to a parent when they first accepted the place it could be 3/4 months until they started by which time they had forgotten! So all the bits like

settling your child, lunches, collection of children are in here (PI Book). It's in a A5 4 page doc and I am happy to post it for you to see but I cant see that it would be of any help to you as most of it is relevant to our group? The prospectus is 2 sides of A4 and contains our opening hours, staff bits and any legal bits i.e info on funding, our policies etc. I have only done it this way over the last year and have found that more parents seem to read and take notice of the info doing it this way, more 'parent' friendly I think.

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we give out a prospectus on registering and a welcome pack when they are allocated sessions, along with a few other leaflets on lunches, what to bring and uniform if them want it


they also get to look at relelvant policies, and have 2, 1 hour visits with child to chat to us







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