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Hi all,


I know it's a bit late in the day but I had a phone call today offering me an interview tomorrow for a Supervisor position.


I had an interview for assistant at another playgroup last week which I think went well but am worried about the depth of the questions that may be asked for a Supervisor!


I was previously Deputy Supervisor and believe I may have the knowledge required even if I don't realise it yet! Does anyone have a list of possible questions or can anyone give me some tips as I am feeling really nervous!! :o


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Firstly good luck with your interview.

The type of questions i would be asking at an interview for this position are how you would deploy staff in the setting, to get the most from a day both for them and the children.

What made you decide on childcare and education for a profession, and what experience you have in a supervisory, manager, position, this should be easy for you if you have already been a deputy.

Have you any particular interests that you could bring to the setting, to support and enhance the staff and your own personal development.

What are the most important characteristics of yourself that would make me want to employ you above anyone else.

Fingers crossed for you.

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Well, after what I thought was an awful interview I got the phone call yesterday to say that unfortunately they couldn't offer me the Supervisor position.


However, they do want to employ me as joint Deputy which, to be honest, is a lot better for me as I still have some responsibility but not the stress of being 'in charge'!!


Thanks to those who offered advice/wished me luck as those questions were raised and at least I had some time to prepare some good answers! :o

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Sorry I didn't see this before Emma - but many congratulations on getting your new job. Less responsibility can be very liberating!


I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!



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