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Our new competition is a tennis quiz, which I have made so easy everyone should be able to have a go! :( Send me a private message (pm) with your answers - please don't post answers here. As always the winner will receive a cheque for £20 and a Fsf goody, the runner up will also receive one of our goodies. If there is a tie for winner and/or runner up, names will be picked at random to determine who gets the prize.


Additionally there is some sort of link (apart from tennis!) between the answers. If you pm me to let me know what the hidden link is, your name will be put into a random draw to win a notepad and pen. :( (You don't need to enter the quiz to be eligible for this prize)


The competition will be declared closed when Wimbledon ends, which weather permitting should be Sunday 4th July. :o


Good luck! xD



1. What is the surname of the Swiss player who has won a record breaking 16 Grand Slam mens singles titles?


2. Tennis withdrew in 1924 and returned fully in 1988 to what?


3. What is the head ‘judge’ over a tennis match called?


4. Stretching across the full width of the court, dividing it in half, is a what?


5. What is it called when two pairs of people play a game of tennis?


6. The four main grand slam games are played in the UK, US, France and where else?


7. Henman mania spread across the country in the late 90’s for our British hopeful. What was the nickname he received from the press?


8. What is the governing body for world tennis called?


9. A smash is also sometimes known as a what?


10. What is the surname of the Czech America woman who is said to be the greatest tennis player of all time?


11. No trip to Wimbledon would be complete without having some of these with cream.


12. What is the name of the special game, at the score 6–6 in a set, to decide the winner of the set?


13. Now retired, who is the only male player in history to achieve a Career Grand Slam?


14. What is the type of surface used at Wimbledon?


15. What is the surname of the former ladies No.1 who had a romance with Jimmy Connors and later married John Lloyd?


16. What is it called when a player, during the serve, steps on or over the baseline into the court before striking the ball?


17. What the line umpire will call if the ball is not within the play area.


18. This often stops play at Wimbledon.


19. The national governing body for the sport of tennis in America is called what?


20. Game, set and what?

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I've sent my answers in, at least I hope I have! I think Sir Cliffy does a rain dance beforehand on purpose!


I'd just like to add, if I can work the answers out, Beau should have a couple of hundred entries this month!!!!



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ok I could do a bit of research and answer more- but you said it was easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Chris Tarrant always says on "Who wants to be a millionnaire" its only easy if you know the answers! :o



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Well I can answer about 7!!!

ok I could do a bit of research and answer more- but you said it was easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Well, I could give you the answers. Would that make it a little easier? xD


If you can get the hidden link you might find it easier still. :o

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