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Hi all,

My friend is just about to return to childminding and would like some books with activities etc in can you recommend any? All her NVQ stuff, practical ideas books, nursery world magazines etc got burnt in a fire and as I owe her a birthday present she asked me to begin her stock again.

She was minding fulltime up until 3 years ago when she stopped for a variety of reasons but is now ready to begin particularly with the 2+age range any ideas would be grateful.

I teach reception and have loads of academic and theory type books but she needs more practical based stuff......


Thanks in advance



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Hello, Practical EYFS Handbook by Penny Tassoni might be a good one to go for as it explains about the EYFS requirements and then has lots of activities that can link to the different areas of learning and development. I think this book may have been recommended/reviewed on here in the past.



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The "Little Books" by Featherstone Education are brilliant..... and are now being produced by AC & Black


There are a mass of titles covering a wide range of activities/ themes




These are fab, would really recommend a few (prop boxes, dough, water and outside spring to mind) especially as they give a nod to using everyday 'found' (cheap or free) materials


if she minded full time previously, her memories alone will also be invaluable - could you share a bottle of wine and brainstorm a few?

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There is a great series of articles on here about using books as a starting point for activities, they are in the resource library but here is a helping hand to find them;


Using "The Dog Who Could Dig", by Jonathan Long and Korky Paul, as a focus for activities


Using "Dear Zoo" as a Focus for Activities


Using "Harry & the Bucketful of Dinosaurs" as a Focus for Activities




Hope these help :o



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