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If what is being said is inaccurate or inflamatory, I would make noises about libel law and speak to your local CAB.

Alternatively if it simply seems appropriate I would contact the social network site direct and ask that it be removed.

This is part of the reason I am a facebook-refusenik. I hate the idea that I am more likely to 'talk' to friends online than in person.

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there have been quite a few discussions on here, with some policies uploaded that you might be interested in looking at. If you can't find them by doing a search, just shout out and I'll have a 'rummage'

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Has anyone got a policy that mentions parents use of facebook etc and not making defamatory comments about preschool?

Not yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


a problem has cropped up at my setting, i know there will always be parents who gossip -or who air their grievances in public, but what happens when that is taken onto social networking sites?

Do the comments breach your confidentiality policy?

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