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Charity Commission New Statement Of Public Benefit


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Has anyone out there got the wording they used on their most recent charity accounts as a public benefit statement?

I am trying to draft the accounts and am struggling here!! Hopefully some wise owl will come along and help me out!!


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Arrgh something else to put on the Charity Commission return? I haven't got to do ours for a while yet so I haven't seen this. What are they looking for or better yet can you send me a link to it and I will try to help you (and me!) out?

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Ok I've had a quick scan through, and, assuming you are also a charity pre-school like us, I think we need to:


look at the pdf example from the youth club (Westbeach)


under structure and governance this should be obvious


the objectives under governance document should be something to do with your mission statement or similar, ie to provide play and learning opportunities for children aged x to x under a nationally recognised educational framework (or something like that), and the next section could be an extension of this perhaps some details from your policies or more from your mission statement


the main achievements is very similar to our Pre-school Leader's report at the AGM in which she simply reports on everything we did in the year


Does that help at all? This is the one which seemed to be closest to the way I can see us filling it in. Thanks for bringing it to my attention too.

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Huge thanks to Holly 35. Having had a good look at the example of westbeach it really doesn't look too onerous. Just out of interest (and desperation) had a quick look at some other local charities' accounts on commission website, and I couldn't find any that had bothered to address public benefit!!

Still, I now feel that at least I can make a stab at it!!

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There was a date on the guidance I read somewhere Cait but to be honest I don't even know what day it is at the moment let alone which year, so it could be recent or ancient!


Glad you got sorted eyfs1966!

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