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I'm Looking to amend the fees T's and C's to incorporate a section on the funded hours does anybody have a copy they wouldn't mind letting me have a look at for some ideas!




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What exactly do you want to say about the funded hours? Mine say that they have to give half a term's notice of their intention to withdraw their child, or pay half a term's fees in lieu of notice. I also say that where this lack of notice means I would be unable to claim nursery education grant for that half term, then they will have to pay the full published fees and not just the 'top up' fee for the extra unfunded 30 minutes.



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Our LA is bringing in something along these lines from Sept as part of the SFF, and parents may not be allowed to move their funding in term unless the situation demands it. This is a big change for our LA which has traditionally and rightly I believe allowed the funding to follow the child. Obviously questions would be asked if the parents kept moving the child but on the whole I don't believe it has been abused. I'm really trying to keep this aspect as I feel it is more child and parent friendly (so long as parents aren't constantly moving their child), but there seems to be no way of creating the same system in the maintained sector so it is up for discussion on the grounds of trying to make the system fair.


Checking our current contract I notice we ask parents to give 2 weeks notice to leave their place at the end of a term, so essentially they let us know 2 weeks before the term ends as I read it. However I also notice we ask parents to give 2 weeks notice of taking children on holiday in term time! And these are both written. It's no wonder I have parents coming to me doffing their caps and asking permission to go on holiday is it?!

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