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Ict And Healthy Eating


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Hi, does anyone have any good ICT resources to do with healthy eating that can be used with Nursery?


Our Nursery class is having a 'healthy eating' session where each child will bring 1 parent to come and do lots of activities. It will be based in a computer room so I need lots of things to keep them busy.


I do have a few non-ICT activities for those parents who just hate computers!


Any ideas would be most grateful. I can find lots for Y1 upwards but not many for Early Years. They must think we don't use computers.





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Could you make up a 'draw' programme showing lots of apples, oranges or whatever and ask the children to match two the same using a straight line in 'draw'?


is this any good?


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Could you do some kind of sorting? I have a YR/1 class and set up an activity for my whiteboard where they had to sort different foods into the different food groups. Pictures of food were copied from the Tesco website.


I realise the food groups is too much but could you have them sorting different kinds of fruit?


There are a couple of activities on the cbeebies website - more food related than specifically healthy eating but it might be a starting point for talking for example:





Level 1 on this activity is a fruit matching one:




Hope that helps - I've not really taught nursery so I could be way off the mark!

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