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could anyone please give me any good activities for teaching 1 more and 1 less to nursery age 3-4 please. would love ideas that could be done outside and that are energetic if possible. I have a few ideas but they are not that exciting.


thanks kate :o

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This week we had a bucket of lego people and a die which I had stuck stickers to with + and - signs over the spots. The children could choose up to 5 characters from the bucket to start them off. They then took it in turns to throw the die and if they threw a + the could add a character to their stash and if a - had to give one up to go back in the bucket. Depending on age/stage we may play until first to ten, counting how many, and how many now you have added one/taken away one etc. on the way. It's an easy game and one if you have a lot of counting/sorting resources or themed items you can do easily, and the children can play without an adult if they are able enough, or have a quick game with a parent before they leave in the morning.

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