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Pe Circle Games For Afternnon Pre Schools

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Hey, anyone got any ideas about what I could do for circle game (action ones for PE) Im finding that the circle games are making my Pre schooler's join in more with the PE lesson. I currently, play, 'Duck, Duck Goose,' Princess long ago, farmers in his den, ball games - roll to a freind.


Can anyone think of anymore that my children can enjoy. It will last for the next 4 weeks and is with reception children as well.


Thanks in advance.

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'Beans' is our current favourite. The children move around playground, hall or carpet and the adult shouts out a bean type and children react with an action.


Runner bean-running on spot

String bean-tall and straight with arms above head

Baked bean-star shape on the floor

Jelly bean-shaking body

Broad bean-standing star shape


You get the idea. There are more and the children like to invent some that can be very strange :o

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Please Mr. Crocodile, What's the time Mr. Wolf, One elephant on a spider's web, In and out the dusty bluebells, Hokey Cokey. We also use our parachute for a p.e. slot. children move it slowly and quietly, getting faster until they are really moving it up and down very quickly, we occasionally sing the Wheels on the Bus holding on to it, walking round and round, or trying to pass it through our hands round and round in a circle (tricky concept for pre-schoolers), we toss a ball around on it, cuddly toys get bounced on it, the children take turns in choosing a number to count up to and we see if we can all lift at the same time to get the toy as high as the ceiling, or count from 10 down to zero and blast the toy off!

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Don't forget 'chilli-bean' running on the spot, 'french-bean' - everyone stops and says 'ohh-la, la' and 'beans in toast' - everyone finds a partner (takes a little practise with the pre-school children!).

Have mentioned this in a different post this week, but we love the tumble-tots CDs - the children's particular favourite at the moment is 'Elephant's have wrinkles'!

Have fun,

green hippo


P.S. We have recently been very adventurous and got out the low-level equipment which the children absolutely love - they ask me everyday when we are going to do it again! We split the children into 3 groups and they each had a go on different equipment - we do have 3 adults though!

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OOO a queen sized sheet - ill try that! I only have ten children so I might use a smaller one lol. Thanks for that idea. We have elephants have wrinkles so I wonder if we have the tumble tots CD. Mine love that been doing it since Semptember so now they are like 'Meh do we have to do that one! lol' We are currently doing apparatus with the children as well. Thankyou all for these wonderful ideas! If anyone has anymore please inform me of them. Im finding the circle game activities are really engaging my very young nursery children. I am in a foundation stage unit 7 reception and 8 nursery. Obviously the nursery is split so it is 5 in the morning and 3 in the after noon - but my afternoon ones are younger and find it hard to consentrate so we have to change the activity all the time to keep them interested - it seems to work though.

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Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!


Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear ........


We do a version of 5 little speckled frogs...........children 'swim' across the floor........


We also do a version of 5 fat sausages..........children wiggle for sizzle, sizzle, sizzle and in turn when tapped on the head they fall down for the 'one went bang' bit! :o

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