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Hi Just a quick question. We are going to do mothers day cards this week. Do you get the children to do the same card each, something that has been decided by staff. Or do you let the children do their own designs.The same goes for Easter cards. Thank you.


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If I've got it right I should have uploaded a mother day poem we've used in the past & a teapot template, we attached a wrapped tea bag inside as a gift. This year though we are going to go down the Child Initiated route, just need to make sure our creative area is well stocked with lots of lovely bits n bobs.





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We've just stocked up our creative resources and have no real plan of what the children will end up taking home. There are spring bulbs with a pot to plant and decorate, biscuits, cards and pictures to make and any other ideas the children have. They can do everything or nothing....we're leaving it up to them this year.

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This is such a difficult one. We all know that child initiated is the way forward, but how do you explain that to the parent who wants a card, but whose child doesn't choose to make one? Ok, retorical question I know, but nevertheless....

At the end of the day, parents have needs too!!

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Whenever it was something for a special occasion like this we encouraged all children to take part. Generally I found that even small children can understand if it is explained to them and were willing to do something. The key is to make sure that they get the choice of what they do, even it it ends up just a couple of matchsticks stuck on the front! :o

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Hand Prints poem


There used to be so many

of my fingerprints to see,

on furniture and walls and things

from grubby, sticky me.

But if you stop and think a while

you’ll see I’m growing fast.

Those little handprints disappear,

you can’t bring back the past.

So here’s a small reminder,

to keep not wipe away,

of tiny hands and how they looked

to make you smile someday.

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to the tune of daisy daisy


mummu, mummy this is a song/card for you

just to thank you for all the things you do,

a mother is very busy

it makes us feel quite dizzy

so take a seat, put up your feet

and we'll bring you a treat or two



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