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I'm sure we've all got things we do in our work - or resources that we have - which we feel really chuffed to have and make us feel all warm and cuddly when we see the children involved with them... what about a thread to share all the good stuff??


I found this in Wickes recently and immediately thought 'It's a mobile writing station'.



www.wickes.co.uk/Heavy-Duty-Mobile-Tool-Chest/invt/165173 (wanted to post a picture but don't know how!)


The bottom is now full of paper, clipboards, notepads, card, etc.

The removeable tray like this one - www.wickes.co.uk/Tool-Caddy/invt/187000 - now contains pens, pencils, crayons, chalk, scissors, etc.

And the little boxes in the top have paper clips, scissors, sellotape, post it notes




I think it is so fab and can't wait for the dryer weather when the children can wheel it and the contents onto the grass - or anywhere else!! xD:(:(



So ..... what do you love?


ps. if anyone can post photos - that would be great :o


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I have recently introduced a 'special box'..........it was amongst some 'stuff' sent in by a parent for junk modelling! xD


It's fairly small - lined with beautiful blue fabric......


So....perhaps just once a week, I will say (at group time)........."Oh shall we do 'special box'........will select a child who could do with a bit of a confidence boost - they will take the box and choose something from our resources to put in it........great fun - while we do the old "oh don't watch him/her or it won't be a surprise".........lots of 'swivelling eyes' :o so child brings back box - we have a look at what they have chosen........and really 'big it up' (even if it's not really very interesting!) the 'chooser' is given the opportunity to talk about the item chosen by them - if they want to and rest of group add their comments too!


Only once a week to keep it 'special'


Parents have given great feedback - "he talked about it all afternoon" etc.etc.


Very simple - but works well for us! :(

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I'm torn between Beat Baby or Lola the listening leopard. The children absolutely adore them both and love the activities we do with them. They really respond well to the need to stay quiet for Lola as she's a bit shy and scared of big noises, and when we pass her round to say hello at the start of a session the amount of kisses and hugs she gets is lovely. She lives in a little office room off the classroom which the children walk through to get outside and they always make some comment about seeing her there sleeping or watching them as they walk through. Sometimes, if they think no-one will notice they'll divert from the 'path' going outside to give her a little stroke. Bless them!!

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I bought an extremely large dog bed in a charity shop a bargain at £5. I t has been used in role play for a pet shop but they loved it so much we moved it into the book area we put cushions in and soft toys and some books on pets. however the children have turned it into a boat a shower/bath they sit and chat in it they transport things from other areas into it. we can get 3-4 children in at any one time it has been so good for shy children . we have had it out since xmas so removed it this week to give it a bit of a rest the children have missed it I will think about where to put it next


love the trolley idea we have a small park at the end of the road we visit each week it would be great to transport our resources in much cooler than a shopping trolley

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