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Wondering if anyone can help, I am going to be doing a week focusing on houses and homes, cant think of many ideas. So far I have:


* Children to bring in pictures of their homes to discuss

* Going for a walk around the local area to look at different houses, take pictures.


I am struggling to think of anything else, if anyone can help please.


Thank you :o

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I'm doing houses and homes this half term because in the childrens local area, alot of the houses are being knocked down. First week in...we are doing the three little pigs. Afirm fave at the mo. Chn will be exploring different materials to see which is treally the strongest. wood, straw, sticks, bricks, stones


Construction using 3d shapes

outdoor dens

trip to library with camera, to look at different buildings and choose bookjs on homes of people and animals or their choice of books.


role play construction site.

keep in touch we can bounce ideas from each other.


misspink xx

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