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Crbs - Do You Keep The Original Disclosure?


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I have always made a note of the disclosure number, registered body, date etc on each member of staff's record but given the original document back to them as I was told we weren't allowed to keep it. I am worried this may have changed - does anyone know please?





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How about this for a data protection issue? I have just sent off a batch of CRB applications to the umberella body contracted by Ofsted and have had a disclosure come back for someone at another setting!


When I phoned the umberella body to tell them they just said "oh that shouldn't have happened - can you just send it back to us?" They didn't have a clue where the disclosure that should have been sent to me had gone and were so blase about it.


I have phoned the other setting to tell them and am sending the CRB back to the umberella body with a very strongly worded letter, referring them back to thier own data protection regs.


I know we all make mistakes but I'm just so cross that they didn't seem bothered or surprised at all.



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Its interesting we have copies of CRB on file and notes of details in another file.

Ofsted looked at these last week and stated we had comprehensive files and information.


Staff do sign a form stating they allow us to keep a copy on file for this use only :o

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that's strange bigsue as it contradicts the advice given to others...

I think the crucial thing here is that Bigsue has signed permission slips from employees for her to keep them on file. Without that it would probably have been a very different story!



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