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Im just trying to think of some good things to put in the 'exploration tray'. Does anybody have any ideas other than cornflour, shaving foam & spaghetti!!!?



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Have you tried the ice ball experiment?


Fill a balloon or tupperware bowl (or several), freeze, unwrap and put in your water tray/tuff spot etc.


Get the children to feel it, look at it (but not lick it, as I know more than one child has got their tongue stuck!).


Then invite the children to add a variety of substances to see what happens. Salt is the best thing to try first because the ice begins to melt and you can hear it cracking and fizzing. Then a few drops of food colouring which travels down through the channels made in the ice by the salt so the colour goes right inside the ice giving lovely effects.


Put some metal spoons into some water (as hot as is safe!) and get the children to smooth the surface of the ice ball with the backs of the spoons.


Then you can start all over again! There are lots of opportunities for predicting what wil happen, how long the ice will take to melt etc.


This works well when started off by an adult, but soon the children will be happy to take over and find various ways of making the ice melt.


Our children love it!



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