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Just thought I'd post - need a few ideas for my topic - craft ideas for 1- 6yr olds on the theme people who help us.


Any suggestion would be appreciated. thanks.

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i work in a nursery but i hope these ideas help you

when we do this theme we look at the police, doctors/nurses, postmen, fire fighters, and dentist.

we ask any of the parents if they can come in with there uniforms on if e have parents in these jobs.




we go to the local police station and take photos of this

we have asked the local police person to talk to the children

made our bikes/cars into police cars

made our role play area into a police station.

we have made police car biscuits

dresses up as a police person for the day and had a policemen ball at the end of the week (police bisuits, music and dressing up ect. for our tea)

talking about road safety

talking about staying safe


fire fighters


taking fire fighers pictures and of the local fire station

asking the fire station if you can visit

changing the cars ect into fire engines

fire safety talks

dressing up as fire fighters

fire fighter paintings and drawings




talking about keeping safe

making role play area into a hospital/doctors


small world play and role play across alll areas

painting and frees drawing on all profestions

lots of books on all jobs

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We always start this topic with the people who help us in school. The children interview and photograph members of staff, then draw and write about them. It's very interesting to see how the children view the jobs of the office staff and the head!!


I read in the local paper last year about a school inviting the RAC or AA (can't remember which) to come and talk to the children and show all their gear. Might try this myself if I can get my act together :D

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To be fair, many folks will visit settings to talk to children, you just need to ask!


When I was at the playgroup, we asked the Ambulance service for a visit and got a Paramedic who was based in the helicopter ambulance, he came in his own time and was brilliant!! Just a shame he couldn't bring the helicopter!!!


Beware of Fire Persons! They like practical jokes!!! :o We had some come once, who dressed me (5 feet tall, at the time about 6 stone wet through!!) in all their gear xD:( then turned the hose pipe on me!!!!!!!! Nearly got washed away - then they turned it off me and up to full pressure WOW!! And I didn't get wet, that gear really works!!


Sue :D

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The majority of our children go to the local school so we get the Lollypop lady in to give a road safety chat and say hi to the children going up in September. She is a real character so you never know what will happen.


Our local police person ( a lady) comes to visit us as well. This is a very useful visit as a number of our children have a great dislike to the police. I once had a child say to me " Daddy said they were always nasty people they aren't are they" It was so nice to see children with an obvious nervousness of the police climb in and out of the car and say hello to the man on the end of the radio. Our police person also came with some pictures for the children to colour in as well as giving them a danger stranger talk.


Have any of you considered getting the local guide dog trainers in? She gave a talk on how the dogs were trained and all the children found out about guide dogs as well as getting to stroke one very patient dog.


Never managed to get the fireman to come to us, sounds like it could be fun Sue.


Just seen Sue49hay that you wanted craft ideas. We make police hats on a card strip they colour them blue and then we make a badge (you need someone who can draw) and coloured it gold and stuck it on the front. We make crossing poles that the children cut and colour in. Big circle, which the children draw people on and then write (with adult help) STOP underneath.



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Dont forget people who help us at home too..

a link to mothering sunday perhaps.


what do they do for us, cooking activites, washing up make something special to take home, thank you cards etc etc.




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One of the activities the children like to do when our local postman calls to talk to them is to send a postcard home. They bring in a stamp, we address a blank piece of card and then they draw a picture on the other side. Our local postman then takes the cards with him and posts them. The children all love receiving them.



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If you have access to a local LEA resource centre / library service (I know some boroughs have them) you could try getting your hands on the scolastic 'Theme Centre for the Early Years' It's a box that contains - a set of activities based around the 6 areas of learning for f.s. a variety of good quality children's texts and a couple of posters. It comes in a handy 'box' which means that it stored away easily (which is always a bonus!) hope this helps

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