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hi,I just joined in and want to say to everybody how this forum is fantastic

I have been looking for something like this for long time.I am working in preschool

(3-4 years old) situated in Germany (British Forces). We are doing TEN IN THE BED

topic and have few ideas, but if you have some to share I will appreciated gratefully.I also going to give all my work mates web address, I am sure they will be very happy!


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Hi Brankica -

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for saying hello all the way from Germany! :D


Hope you don't mind if I move your post over to the topics and activities forum - you'll probably find you get more attention if it sits in there! :)


Best wishes,


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Hello Brankica, we had at one time all the creatures from the book Ten in the bed, the one with rabbit, zebra, elephant and others (cant remember who it's by though) It was a good way of holding attention and allowed for more children to be involved during the story and we could talk about heavy and light with the different animals. :D:D

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Thanks, Rea

We thought to develop into all areas of learning. Like you said animals could be included and idea of heavy and light is fantastic. we also planing to bring up wild and farm animals, we going to make Bears cave in the roll play. We did it last year and children were overwhelmed. We had picnic time in the cave, real logs for the fire in the middle, children were dressing up and coming to a party like different animals.

We also try to expand it and do something about bed time routines,to make patchwork quilt from paper, make instruments that make sounds from book( DINK, THUMP,etc.) .

We are going to make interactive animal display in small world area, and some other small ideas to extend children's vocabulary and math knowledge. Other books could be included into all this. thanks again and I hope you will find something for yourself in here.


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hi and welcome to the forum :D

it comes with a warning though!!! :(

it's very addictive and can keep you away from the rest of the world. xD:o

But :( it does bring a whole NEW WORLD into your life. :D

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Guest alisonjayne

hi Brankica welcome to the forum.

Rea the book if I remember rightly is by Penny Dale, the illustrations are so cute

and they all get back into bed again great for counting activities. Another great book is One bear at bedtime by Mike inkpen it has lots of animals in it and a not so scary monster with 10 heads to say goodnight to.

I love the Idea of having real logs in the Bear cave will do that next time we set up our cave.


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Gudentag ( welcome)


Hubby spent 8 years in the army in Germany he learnt a forces, English / German language. I will use phonic spelling :o


ie: dri (three) stuk (piece) bon bon (suite) = 3 piece suite :D ( sofa and 2 chairs)


ouvedezen ( goodbye) kottofolen ( potato) =Tatty bye



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