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I'm Looking For A Particular Word.....


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Hi all,


I'm hoping somebody will be able to help me with a rather silly question!!


I'm after a word or phrase which relates to play with 'real' objects not items manufactured particularly as toys.


I hope that makes sense and I'm sure there is a special word but I just can't think of it :wacko:


I'm studying a DVD extract of some children using some medical equipment such as plastic syringes, kidney bowls, plasters, sterile dressings but they are all proper 'BOOTS THE CHEMIST' (other pharmacies are available :o ) not Toys R Us toys...


Hope this makes sense!!


Thank you!! xD:(:(:(

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we refer to these as 'open ended' toys as they have no particular format of play and children can use them in whatever way they like.

Why not just refer to them as 'real'?



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Aren't heuristic objects generally natural objects like sponges, wood etc that allow children to use their senses to explore?



Not sure but thanks to everyone for your suggestions :o



and a big welcome to lolo.... hope you are finding the forum intesting! xD:(

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