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Help Needed ! Sorry !


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Ok, here goes !


As many of you know I have been struggling with my foundation degree, I was going to jack it all in this week,

as I just can't get my self motivated to do my assignments which have to be in next week !


Yesterday I spoke to my mentor(for two hours) who has known me for many, many years and she has managed to talk some sense into me !

Well I think she has !


Now I'm going to have to be super woman to be able to hand in my assignments, as I don't type very well and I am struggling with writing in an academic style, it maybe be a tall order.


I did have a half hearted attempt last week, but not really much progress made as I have not written any of the essays, but a big thank you to Maz and Panders for their responses to my observation query, I did get two of my four observations typed up !


I must admit I have been learning so much since starting my course and it has made me reflect on what we are not doing in my setting !

One of the things which is part of my assignment is "How we involve our parents in the observation, assessment and planning of activities for their children", I don't think we really do ! We have a section in the registration form about what the child likes etc and we have sent the childs pathway home for the parents to add observations, but unfortunately thats about it ! How do you involve parents ?

The second question is about ethics and I have not done anything about ethics, it asks in my assignment what legal and ethical considerations need to be considered when carrying out observations, I know you have to get the parents permission.

Do any of you know of a book on ethics I could use for referencing or parental involvement ?


Any help will be gratefully received !


At the moment I feel like a fish out of water and a total numpty ! (as my daughter would say).


Thank you for reading my ramblings !



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What have you got to be sorry for?


I'm really glad you're carrying on.


Don't forget that informal conversations with parents are relevant if you act on what they say.


I'll see what it says about ethics in my books on obs and get back to you later.


Fish out of water and total numpty - yes that describes how I feel exactly! My assignments aren't going too well either :o

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I had an article somewhere about the rights of the child as well regarding ethics of obs/photographs - I'll see if I can dig it out for you.


Informal conversations with parents, making learning journey's available for them to view, sending home blank stickers that they can use to note down any obs from home to be included, communication books (which are rarely used but on offer!) are all we currently do too


Good luck with carrying on with your foundation degree


Clare x

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Hope you can still carry on, I know how hard it can be, but I also know how much I have gained from studying. Remind me of that as I am about to embark on my next OU course, just a term into starting my new job as a manager of a setting....


With regard to the ethical question. Can you look up BERA in google, cannot remember what it stands for (something like British Ethical or Education ......) but we always had to quote this in our assignments, ie that we have observed the BERA ethical guidelines ie asked the child if we can observe them, got parents permission, if using photos not showing the child's face (it may vary as to whether you are allowed to use photos depending on your course).


Will try to look up more details if you get stuck.


With regard to parental involvement, have you seen various threads on here about Wow vouchers, we have just introduced them and parents have been very keen to share the wow moments they have seen at home and see the photo on the board at the settin showing the wow moments we have observed. The thread explains it better than this.


Is that any help?

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I am doing the FD with the Open University and covering ethical considerations when doing research with children. Rosie Flewitt writes about gaining parental permission but equally important is gaining permission from the child. She also talks about ongoing consent and ensuring that we inform parents and children of their right to withdraw their consent if they change their minds. Anonymity, respect, sensitivity and confidentiality are just some of the other things she talks about.


You may find information on her work if you google her or from the Economic and Social Research Council, University of Southampton.


Good luck with your course and try to hang on in there. :o

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Thank you for all your replies !


I haven't started my assignment yet but have been trying to research some references for it !


I have also been trying to find a negative view on involving parents, and have found a reference that says

it could put pressure on parents. It doesn't say how they have come to this conclusion !


I also wondered as an ethical consideration for using photographs in observations, about children that are on an at risk register and their where abouts need to be kept confidential. I'm not sure about this, perhaps that may not be right as I'm afraid I've never been involved in anything like this. :o Its just that my tutor did mention about CAF and I have no knowledge of that either !


I will now go and research some of the information that has been suggested.


I expect I will be asking more questions soon ! xD


Thanks again !



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