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Hi All,


I am in a Committee-run Pre-school.


Does anyone know if we still get the grant money on days that we close because of snow/bad weather/natural disaster?


And would staff normally get paid if you didn't get the grant money?



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It might depend on your LA as ours ask us to repay it if we close for those reasons. However they also said they might be flexible, for instance if all the local schools had to close too. We are usually the last ones open so I'd hope we would get to keep it in future. And if we did the staff would get paid, but otherwise, unfortunately they/we don't.

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We closed aswell on the 18th. There was no choice really when every school in the county was closed. We would be over run with staff children. I don't see how the LA can ask for the money back when they have shut all the schools. I will argue it if they do!


Do the teachers lose a days pay. Any way if the council gritted the roads and pavements maybe people and cars would be able to move around!

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