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i have been asked an interview question-


How will you ensure continuity between Nursery & Reception, whilst also integrating he Foundation Stage unit within the whole school?


Any ideas?

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Hi Irfana -


Welcome to the Forum and thanks for your first post! :D


I'm also interested in how you know the question. If you've been given it in advance does that mean you're expected to give a small presentation or something?

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Welcome and good luck too.


Thoughts on the question:

- Common practice in FS :policy. Things like if you have self registration in N do you also have it in R too, if children self select fruit in N do they do so in R? use of the outside as a learning area: is it seen as important for both years, are organisational things applied equally in both FS years like policy on attending assembly etc? Is R firmly placed in the FS or is there a pull to make it "big school" and therefore more formal. Who takes a lead on these policy decisions? Is there someone from FS in the leadership team?


- curriculum: is there continuity and progression in the planned curriculum, does R build on N? Is there differentiation up eg, trikes in N, bikes in R to increase challenge etc. Use of materials like Playing with sounds - are they used to track development from N through to Y1 and beyond as they can be.


- Use of profile for transition into Y1. How much do the Y1 teachers understand what it is telling them about children's strengths and weaknesses or do they think that the child has had no education up til then and they have to assess in the first week of sept against curriculum criteria the children haven't even had access to yet?? (sorry got carried away with that thought!)


- KS1 assessment procedures: are staff able to formatively assess in the same way as FS staff because they're certainly going to have to now. Do they build on from the profile assessments and follow the child's progress through the 2 phases.


- Do KS1/Ks2/SMT staff really understand what the FSC is about? Equally do FS staff engage in whole school agendas and know about other phases? Is there understanding of a child's potential learning journey through the whole school/3 phases and how are they suported to make the most of the opportunities at any given phase?


Best of luck


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