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I have a very creative friend (artist, musician, singer) who has worked in the past on small projects with nurseries and children's centres. She would like to do a lot more of this! Does anyone know of an agency/official organisation that she could contact to "get on their books"?

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Oh I can't quite think of the name of it but am sure theres a webpage you can go to for artists that are CRB'd etc.... Just struggling to recall the name.


I am sure its initials......


I hate it when you know.......... but you can't quite remember!!


Then again it may just be for Worcestershire artists.......... would it be worth contact your arts adviser?

She would know for sure.


Will pop back if it comes to me.


Sorry x

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Hi Helen,

There is a national organisation called Creative Partnerships which encourages schools to work with an artist or artists.

Will see if I can find contact details at school tomorrow and will then let you know.

My school is currently taking part in a creative partnership activity in West Sussex and both staff and children had to design a job spec linked to our project which was then emailed out by Creative partnerships to it's database and then we had to shortlist and interview the candidates.


Will let you know if I can find a contact detail at school.


NickySussex :oxD

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Thanks Mundia, and dcn. Great information there.


diesel.. she has a degree from Uni of Brighton in art/3D/metalwork. She has worked in a CC on a short project where the children made a bench for their outside area. I think mosaics might have been used too, but I'm not too sure about that. I know she'd be great as an art expert supporting EY settings, but I don't know how she can carve a niche for herself. She's also done a lot of work with Year 6 children in their celebratory carnival procession in the summer term, where she has been responsible for the costumes and props for a number of schools.

I'll certainly pass on the info so far. :o

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