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Please can anyone help?? I started a Rec/Y1 job share in September and I am having a bit of an uphill battle to implement EYFS effectively. When I arrived there was no outdoor area and now we only have a small fenced off area, which I am trying to make the best of. Anyway, we had Ofsted before half term and the FS environment was one of the key areas to improve. The governors have all of a sudden got money to spend!!! The trouble is they don't have much knowledge or understanding of Early Years - when I have mentioned getting tyres and milk crates they looked at me as if I was mad! Does anyone have any photos of their Outside Area which they would be willing to share so I can show them to the governors?? I have got a couple of catalogues to show them, but I think photos of areas in other schools would really help.



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Could you ask your EYAT if there are some outdoor areas you could look at at other schools and take a governor or your HT along to see them? There are some really good ones around that have been set up using a lot of imagination and not a lot of money. I'm sure members on here will come up trumps.

I am uploading 2 pictures. One showing how cheap materials can be used imaginatively for really effective play, and one of a beautiful outdoor area which was a little more expensive!

post-1195-1258274426_thumb.jpg post-1195-1258274509_thumb.jpg

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