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Incident Book Vs Accident Book


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Hello all, slightly confused as to how we use the incident book. I know it shouldn't be used to record any child protection issues (these we would keep on the child's individual record file), but where do you record any pre existing injuries that a child may have? We currently make a note in the incident book, but perhaps they should go in our accident book (even though they do not relate to accidents on our premises).


I know there are specific things that must be recorded in the incident book such as break ins, major accidents and deaths, fires, major incidents (evacuation for gas leaks/terrorist attacks etc,) but ours is just full of "child X had abrasions to face..parent reported child had fallen off scooter on way to setting" comments, and I am unsure if this is the right place for them.


Any help gratefully recieved. I know that one of you wonderful people will be able to put me straight!!!


Thanks in advance.

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We have an existing injury form in the register to fill out on arrival for children coming in with bumps and bruises (must admit hardly ever get to notice until parents have left!)....Accident book for exactly that and Incident book for 'biting', one child hurting another - obviously only a notable incident.



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But have been looking at the way we record accidents/incidents and major incidents. Quite a mine field, but the fact that they are all recorded in some way or another is important. I think that it is 'what works for each individual setting' is the right way to do things, there simply is no right or wrong way!



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