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Third Sector Census


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Has anyone else completed theirs yet? I'm looking at mine and even the first page seems awful! xD


Oh - and does anyone else hate the name "Third Sector"? :o (so we're not allowed to say Third World Country any more, because it's disparaging, but we can say Third Sector!)

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I can't help you, but Cait, I always have a look at your posts, because you always seem on the ball, and hence when I see a post like this, I know it's highly likely that I have missed something!!!!!


I presume we are talking charitable/voluntary sector here, and would love to know if I should be completing the census also..just haven't seen one. Can you enlighten me?

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Ah - panic ye not!!!! It seems (on closer inspection) to be a Cumbria thing. Well I won't imbue it with the sense of importance a national thing would have warranted then! It can wait till I've got a spare hour and a half!! Especially as there's no SAE!!

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