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Being Praised From Ofsted


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Hello a question for anyone who has had an ofsted visit, what things have you really been praised about from ofsted ? example, some of the toys you have or maybe a nature table or sensory baskets or how youve done certain paper work etc i hope this doesnt sound a silly questions but just starting a new setting and some advice of any of you experts out there would be great thank you.

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However on a more serious note, I would urge you not to think about Mrs O at this early stage. Give careful consideration to the kind of setting you want to be, and the kind of experiences you want to offer your children. The rest will fall into place.


Obviously I'm not saying don't think about your statutory duties under the welfare requirements, just that ultimately you have to consider the needs of your children first and foremost.


What an exciting venture - I look forward to hearing about it!



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I think Happy MAz is right...


Make your setting what your children need and what is good for them.


Way back in 1997/98 when I went through my first nursery Ofsted, we were so worried and in fact petrified as a newly put together team, that we took on board EVERYTHING that ANYONE told us we should do.


Consequently when the "O" people arrived there was little of us in the nursery, we had done what we thought would please the inspectors.


IT DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!


We learnt so much from that dreadful experience................. and I cried so much those 4 days...........


In 2001 the nursery those inspectors saw was US doing what we felt was best for our children.

We learnt to be brave and to stand by our decisions. If you can justify them most of the time its OK.

That inspection saw us as "innovative and exciting" and "a strenth of the school"


When part of the nursery had to go private due to local authority changes along came another inspector (who was lovely) and we were found to be offering outstanding nursery education and were outstanding in other areas too.


Earlier this year we were judged as a whole, (private bit as well) when the school was inspected. We were judged with reception class and not separately as in previous inspections and were overall good with outstanding features.


I think what I am trying to say is find your own way with what suits your children!!! :o

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ain't that the truth! We have found a lot of inconsistency between inpectors.....................one will say you're fabulous, BUT 'why don't you offer a reading scheme to enhance the children's learning?'....and along will come the next one who says you're fabulous 'but WHY do you offer a reading scheme?that's not what preschool is about'.......................several years ago now, but in those days, when the 'O' people said do it, we did it! Now, I'm much more able............and prepared to...........fight my corner with them. Be what YOU want to be and what YOU beleive in.It will shine through in all that you do, and if there are tweaks to make, then go with the advice they give you.If you're uncertain about something, ask their advice, they do offer some good ideas too! Good luck

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I agree Cait...you have to do a quick character analysis when they get to you and then give them what they want...what a farce :(:o ....having to play up to an individual's perspective and not everything you believe in xD .....one of my inspections I gathered straight away that all the inspector (former social worker) was really interested in was what EDUCATION the government funded children were getting...were they learning to read and write or what?....and so my strong beliefs in PLAY PLAY PLAY pushed aside a little ....we got Outstanding......


another inspector was a Preschool manager in her previous life (for 14 years) and so I knew just to be ourselves and stand up for what we believed in....she was so supportive and also gave us GOOD, I felt better about the Good than the Outstanding.... but I feel it is all a bit of a game and an individual's judgement's based on a specific beliefs.....sorry to be so cynical.... :(:( :wacko:

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I agree with what has been said I learnt with expereince and by believing in your principles and policies you will beable to stand by your decisions to do what you do and more importingly why you do them.

The SEF will help you to have a clearer view of what you do.

Good luck

oh and have an action plan of where you want to be what you want to achieve you cant do it over night but as long as you know where you want to be although this may also change as you go along as you continue to evaluate your practice.


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I'm a childminder but I think if I was starting up a new setting I would first look at the themes and commitments of the EYFS (I have some complaints about it but I think if you are meeting all the themes and commitments you will be providing an outstanding service to children and families)

Think about how you demonstrate that each child that comes through your door is treated as Unique

How do you develop a good working partnership with parents, professionals from other agencies and other settings

look at the quality of the environment and resources inside and out, make sure they are diverse, images of children/babies at play, open ended materials etc

how you monitor and track progress within the areas of learning and development


hope I've not stated the obvious but this would be where I'd start

best of luck

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Thanl you for all your messages i know in these early days i shouldnt worry myself about ofsted but i really want this pre-school to be a success so any advice and ideas are gratefully recieved and listened to.

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