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Planning For 0-18 Months


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Hi all,


I'm both new to the forum and to the EYFS. I am finding the site really helpful and wish I'd found it when I started my long pathway to EYPS in September!


I am hoping people will be able to help me with planning for a baby room. My first placement is with 0-18 months and they do very little planning in this room, the plan on the wall at the moment is a weekly plan from early in October. I have started doing activities and focused planning for each activity, but was hoping people could help with suggestions on how to do weekly planning in a baby room, or useful resources that could help me with this.


The other area I am struggling with is outdoor play, the babies have a decked area but the room leader does not like to take them out very often, and I am looking for ideas of what I can do with crawling babies outside on such a surface. Again any books/sites people can recommend would be great as all I can find for is older children.


I am really struggling to find ways of linking babies to EYFS.


Sorry for all the questions, my head is spinning from everything we have to do, and I really want to achieve the best I can for the setting, so any ideas would be gratefully received.


Thanks Emma :o

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Hi Emma, and welcome to the Forum. I don't have children under 2 years old at Preschool so I can't really advise you about that age group. However, there are loads of different planning formats on here if you do a search (top right of screen).


I think probably your link is just child led play, with adults supporting, directing and promoting whilst providing resources (themselves included) to enhance the play and record the child's 'voice' - be that verbal or non-verbal.

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Do you have access to a university library whilst doing EYPS? Mine (I'm doing a degree) has a few books specifically on children under three. Can't think of titles off the top of my head, and wouldn't want to list any to buy without knowing if they're any good, as they're usually expensive, but if you have access to a library it could be worth checking it out.

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i always found this book really helpful: People Under Three: Young Children in Day Care

by Elinor Goldschmied


personally i would suggest having a continous planning sheet up in all your areas then a blank weekly sheet that you can jot down any other activies covered each week which would help show any progression :o

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Guest jane707

As a childminder I have worked with lots of little ones over the years.


I have also read the Eyfs about planning for babies and I believe that we are not expected to plan activities as such...


Our aim should be to plan for the individual needs of the child and that this planning can only be done when we have observed that child.


As each child is different and babies need routine in their lives before anything else, the routine should be their broad individual plan.


You would then slot in baby friendly activities around the routine and enabling environment.


Outside play for babies is great fun - they enjoy watching the sky, making music on the patio, getting messy in the mud, watching leaves in puddles etc.


There used to be a document on the old Eyfs website called 'planning from birth' but I can't find it now it's all changed - it is on the CD though!


hth :o

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Hi everyone,


Thanks for all your replies and suggestions. I'm trying to fit placement in with working weekends so sorry haven't replied sooner. I've just had an email from our tutors and we need to provide weekly plans for the room, detailed adult-led activities (5 a week) retrospective plans for child-led activites and reflective evaluations of all of these. Summative evaluations linked to the standards and plan for next week - all good fun!!


I'm sure it will be worth it in the end :S

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