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Hi, I hope that someone can help?


I want to purchase 1/2 dozen big books so that I can read to a group/ shared story - at play and stay session, children are approx age 2 to 3 1/2, normally large numbers, so need to keep text fairy sort and focused - to keep the interest of the group. Any idea on where to order and suggestions of books?




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We've got:-


We're going on a bear hunt

Mrs Honey's Hat

Grandpa's Handkerchief


all great stories for groups!!


I think most shops will supply big books of the same titles as the normal ones.


Hope that helps

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There are LOADS of big books - Amazon will have a good selection. We have Room on a Broom, Rainbow Fish, Peace at Last, Owl Babies, er .. Handa's Surprise, er ... I for India, er..... can't remember any more, but we have a nice heap of them!

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Handa's Hen

Pass the jam jim


with these we have some small versions too, to go home with families with EAL


We also have a number of not so common big books


I'd like Owl babies, Little red Hen, Handa's surprise, Bear Hunt, very hungry caterpillar....the list goes on and on!


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