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Hi there everyone,


I just wanted a bit of advice. I have worked in nurseries for years but for the last 2 years I have been working as a nanny and now feel very out of practice. I am studying the E115 through open university and need to gather lots of evidence of different things. I have heard a lot of people referring to learning journies and wondered if anyone could give me any more information about them, do you follow a standard document or make your own, what excatly are they, do you think this would be a benefical thing for me to do as a nanny?


Thanks in advance for your help


Rapunzel x

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Definitely beneficial to do as a Nanny. In my pre-school setting our learning journey consists of a front page with the child's name and date of birth on it and a photograph of them. On the next page there is a brief overview of what the EYFS is trying to achieve for each child.


Then the evidence gathering part comes next, this is laid down like a journal, so in date order, photographs, annotated and dated, observations, long ones, short ones, thumbnails, all dated and the longer ones in particular have an assessment of what has happened on the bottom, next steps, an idea of what to do at home, and the parent signs this after a short meeting with them to discuss it.


At the back of the learning journey I have a photocopy from the EYFS pack which shows the development on average for the age groups at my setting and a grid to show the dates on which observations have been made in in which areas they have been made so that I can see at a glance where I need to focus an observation on at some point in the future.


There are much more detailed versions on the forum if you do a search you may find them, I know Cait puts on this type of thing regularly - I enjoy doing mine, I make them very scrapbook looking with stickers and cut outs etc.

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