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Hello everyone


I am new to this forum and it looks really good. This is the second time I have wrote this, because I thought I had sent it, but it just disappeared.


I am a Family Support Outreach worker for a Surestart Children Centre and really enjoy it. It is the best job I have done so far.


The reason I am writing on here is because I am feeling really low at the moment. I applied for a place on the FdA Early Years Care And Education for 09 at my local university and was feeling really excited about doing it. I have just hard they are full and there is a waiting list of 10 other people. I was utterly disappointed and been trying to pick myself up again, by trying to keep myself busy.


I am also waiting to see if I have been acceped for next years course 2010 and I was told I should be told quite quickly. Next September seems a long time away.


I am trying to stay positive and wondering if anyone could recommend books I could read to get me ready for next year. I am not really sure what subjects they cover, and if all university cover the same topics. I also want to get in to the habit of writing assays and wondering if you know of any books that would come in useful.


Please please help

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Oh that's a really sad first post.


I can't help with your query - but on this wonderful forum you can be sure that someone will quickly come along and give you the advice you are looking for.....


I didn't want to just 'read and run' so just wanted to say hi and welcome! :o


Chin up!


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Have you thought about doing it with the Open University? This is a modular course, that does not involve attending college or University (except for half a dozen optional Saturday tutorials).


The great thing about this course is that after the first module you get a Level 4 Certificate in Early Years and can use the letters CERT EYP after your name!. This means that if you do not like the course and decide not to continue, your time has not been wasted. Alternatively, if you decide at this stage that you do not like learning with the OU, you can use usually use this qualification as APL towards a FDEY at you local college. If you already have a suitable Level 4 qualification, you can be exempt from the first module.


There are then a further two or three more modules, depending on what route you take. This means you only have to commit for a few months at a time, and can have a break if you need it. The materials and tutorials are excellent.


You get the option to attend regular tutorials (held on Saturdays) and constant on-line/telephone support from tutors, plus membership of the FDEY website and tutorials. Lots of this forum have completed this and offer invaluable support and advice.


Unlike other online courses you really do feel part of a community and it never feels as if you are on your own. The beauty of the OU option is that you can do it while you are still working. The whole course is based on your daily practice so none of the tasks are onerous; everything is laid out step by step. If you just work through the chapters and carry out the activities, it all falls into place. Courses usually start in October and February.


If you decide you do like it – then you can “top” this up to a full BA or combine the BA with the EYP!


You can find further details:



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Hi Katehart,


I'm really sorry to hear what has happened. So dissappointing when you were all geared up for it.


I think it's a great idea to think of this as an opportunity to get ahead with some of the reading you might need to do.


I'm in the second year of an FD in Early Years and we are expected to have a really good grounding in the main child development theorists with particulart emphasis on Vygtotsky and Piaget. My advice would be to find some books which include some of their theories. These are some of the ones I have found useful;










Also make sure you know the EYFS inside out including having a good mooch around the website and the CD rom for research and theory which backs up the principles.


The other thing I would do is practise doing lots of different sorts of observations and see how much information you can get out of them.


Don't be disheartened. Think of it as an opportunity.


I'll keep my fingers crossed that you are accepted on the course for next year xx

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Thank you saturnpa for your reply. When I first started looking, I did try to apply for a course on OU and I was just too late, because the closing date was just a few days before and they have deadlines they have to keep too. I wasn't having much luck. Then I started looking else where.


However, I do prefer to go through the university path as I do enjoy mixing with other people, as it gives me the motivation to keep going. during those tricking times.

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Thank you Upsy Daisy for your kind words and advice


I have already ordered a couple of books that look very useful in deed, thank you for your help on this. At least I can start reading and feel like I not wasting a year.


I do work full time and have 2 boys, 3 and a nearly 5 years old and very keen not to eat into my special time with them, so if I can give myself a little head start all the better for all of us. I better not forget my husband either.


I am not getting any younger and I have wanted to do this course for a very long time and now my work has given me this chance to do it, I am not going to let it go. I am lucky, as I know my work friends will be there for me and will give me time off to go to uni during work time, which means i can do the course work in the evenings when the boys are in bed.


only 11 mths to go.


Happy reading

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You'll be fine. In my experience, the FD does take over a lot of your life and it is easy to forget the important things such as family etc.


Unfortunately in my house, it's the housework that gets forgotten! I have two children at the moment, one is nearly 6 and the other is 16 months. I am currently pregnant with number 3. I am doing the top up year to BA Hons and I am working part time in pre-school. It is worth it though and graduation day is certainly something to look forward to!


Good luck with the reading, and although it feels like a long way off, September 2010 will be here before you know it. I second what UpsyDaisy says about the theorists, a good idea to read up and learn the main points of the different theories because you have to use them all the way through.

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I am feeling better already and one of the books i ordered has arrived today, (HOW! quick). YEEPPY!


All I need to know now is whether I have been accepted on the course for next year. I just need to see something in writing>>


How quickly did you know? Was it by post or e-mail.


Thanks for you support

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Had some famtastic news today had a letter from the university saying I have a place on the Foundation degree course starting next year 2010. Now I can get my head down and start reading.


Also need support on how to write a essays again, its such a long time ago since I done one.



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Don't panic about the essay writing you will get lots of help and support at Uni, along with a critical friend, who you can work with. Plus there is always someone on here in a similar position so you are never alone! :o

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