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Ideas To Support Interest In The Postal Service


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one of my Key parents was speaking to me the other day about her little girl's interest (she described as 'obsession') with the postal service and asked me how to move the interest along and if I could speak to her about how the postal service works as the little girl is currently writing letters to herself only and mum is beginning to be concerned over the number of stamps she is using...so i have done a little research online and in books and in my head lol and am now appealing to you lovelies on some wonderful suggestions on how to support this girl's interest (3.6 years) in as many diverse ways as possible :o

to name but a few I have suggested we send a postcard to her home, we have our own little postbox which we can use and I hope to borrow a Jolly Postman book

many thanks in anticipation

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Sparkle box have post office resources, Cbeebies do a fab postman pat resource,lots of stamp sheets too.. Also was told that you can apply via the Royal Mail website for things. Would you be able to interest her peers in sending cards etc, what about designing a pretend toy street with houses so she could send letters/ invites etc from one toy to another? start saving those junk letters for delivery??

sure others will be along soon with ideas... :oxD

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What about ~

  • turning the role play area into a post office? (could get lots of weighing activities from this too)
  • reading/watching Postman Pat stories
  • matching numerals by posting numbered cards through numbered doors (made from cereal boxes)
  • finding a waterproof material to make a postman's bag from to keep the post dry
  • looking at different post boxes/how post is delivered in different countries
  • making and decorating their own post boxes with collage materials
  • writing in invisisble ink-secret messages
  • 'posting' messages to other classes to encourage children in other classes to reply

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arrange a visit from a postman/woman

sending pictures to different family members

learning their addresses

emails - sending messages to family via email


I suppose with these things you have to try to pinpoint the interest to decide how to extend it - is it how things get from one place to another, jobs people have, mark making/messages etc

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arrange a visit to your local sorting office?

Funnily enough we were talking about this with our postman - he was saying what fun it used to be to take the children round the sorting office whilst their teachers enjoyed a nice cup of tea! Sadly they don't do it now, but I'm not sure if this is just a local thing. It would be great for the children to be able to follow a letter through the various stages from being posted to delivery, wouldn't it?



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Thank you! I knew you'd come up trumps :)

this morning I set up the mark-making table as a mini post office- postcards, paper of different sizes, thank you headed paper with envelopes, large envelopes, shopping lists, post its, stationary etc etc and she stayed either side of registration and for the full indoor child-initiated time- an hour at this one table writing thank you letters, shopping lists, making her own stamps

...later we read the jolly postman books which she has taken home and in the afternoon we visited the village post box just down the road. Mum has arranged for their postman to visit her and I have more ideas in the pipeline- even more thanks to your wonderful suggestions. Several other children showed a keen interest in this particular themed table so it will be incorporated into planning asap, I feel quite proud at how I have supported this child's interest within one day, can't wait to see where it leads next!

thanks again everyone

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I did get a pack from the Royal mail but can't remember the address - one of the most useful things was a play pack from the Early Learning Centre which I laminated and used as masters to photocopy from. I'm not sure if they do something similar but it might be worth checking.

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