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Thanks for that Jacquie-I have had a quick look and it makes for interesting reading. I was at a meeting about this on Tuesday evening and I think we need to send a copy of this to our LEA.


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Thanks for this Jacquie. I have read through it but if anyone would like to tell me what it said I'd be very grateful :o .


One quote that did jump out at me was this:

“Funding the most flexible options more favourably will mean that in order to ac

cess any 

additional funding children will not be attending the nursery on 5 consecutive d


Continuity of learning/peer groups etc. will be totally lost.  Flexibility suits parents – not 



We have a waiting list and a good reputation, but I fear that by paying more for flexible places we might have to either become more flexible or lose staff as we lose money through lesser amounts per head. I am looking at extending our hours but we have serious restraints over use of the building so I am trying to work out what "flexible" means in our LA.

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